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Enhance Your Divine Connection

Updated: Feb 28

21 Quick and Easy Actions that

Enhance Your Connection with the Divine Light

It's not necessary to hike out to the wilderness and jump off a mountian to feel the bliss of soaring with the Divine. While the experience of moment-by-moment connection takes practice and requires the tweeking of habits including, but not limited to, clearing out the clutter of your thoughts, it's worth it because it brings peace and contentment into your life.

Summon your courage and take this challenge: Choose one of the 21 ideas below and incorporate it into your daily life for 7 days in a row. Notice the positive difference.

  1. Change your reaction to common, everyday experiences. Recently, I realized that every time the da-da-dit sound from my work computer signaled that I had a new work-related email, my body tensed while my breath held for a couple seconds. With my background as a psychologist, I called on the tenets of classical conditioning to make a rapid change. Each time the da-da-dit sound occurred, I instead viewed it as a signal to stop writing psychological reports, close my eyes, and feel my breath for at least three slow leisurely breaths.

  2. Turn off the volume on your tech devices. I made a decision to take breaks from the constant stream of incoming information. I take these breaks routinely and not just when I am trying to concentrate on something that requires my undivided focus. Consider turning off the sounds that signal any new posts, emails, etc. on all your tech devices for at least one hour per day.

  3. Put the television and devices in a closet. Downtime without entertainment and yes, a certain degree of boredom, are necessary conditions for optimal creativity to emerge while connectioning with the Divine. We have one television in our house and it is brought out only when there is something we really want to watch. Consider modeling this action for your children.

  4. Ask for guidance from your Divinely-guided intution throughout your day. Start listening to your intuition from the Divine source. Make the choice of whether or not to listen, but make note of how it turns out. Start out with small things. Your intuition is your best and wisest resource.

  5. While you are driving, turn off devices and the radio and allow your thoughts to flow without becoming attached to them. Eckhart Tolle teaches that thinking is not something we do, but rather it is something that happens to us. Thinking occurs naturally as a consequence of being a spiritual being having a human experience. Let the thoughts flow without becoming attached or invested in them. Since our society reveres and overutilizes the thinking capabilities of the left hemisphere of the brain, it generally needs something to do especially when you are first starting out. What has worked well for me over the years is to recalling inspirational songs and play them in my head. This not only stops the incessant, generally anxious "what-if _____?" thinking, it also helps me to arrive at my destination in a calmer, content mood with much lower blood pressure and heart rate and increased focus and presence.

  6. Make a list or send yourself a text. When thoughts pop up regarding something I would like to remember to do, I either make a quick list or, if I only have my phone with me, I send myself a text. Then I can forget it until later when I have time to complete the task.

  7. Play a musical instrument. With our society's priorities, the thinking abilities of the left hemisphere of the brain are overutilized, which creates an imbalance. Our brains were designed to utilize both hemispheres in a whole-brained state as they collaborate while exchanging information across the corpus collosum. Strenghtening and activating the right hemisphere is achieved when you play an instrument. This can include playing from sheet music or those popular websites that stream the notes visually or even just playing whatever notes come to you.

  8. Garden. Even if it is only in a window box in your apartment, spend time focusing on what is planted while practicing sending and receiving positive energy.

  9. Engage in mediatation. Most people have heard of meditation where the goal is to quiet the mind from the incessant stream of thoughts. As mentioned in several items above, the left hemisphere of the brain is used to constantly thinking about something. Therefore, many people grow discouraged and think, "I can't meditate." Other forms of meditation that help accommodate the restless left hemisphere are listed below.

  10. Engage in guided meditation. There are numerous guided meditations available on YouTube, Podcasts, etc. Try some out to see which ones resonate with you. For me personally, playing inspirational songs in my head serves well to occupy my left hemisphere, and this practice results in physical and emotional benefits.

  11. Engage in active meditation. Active meditation is essentially meditating while you are doing something. Your senses are heightened because the focus of your eyes, ears, nose, and skin is on something external that your senses are experiencing. This is easily incorporated into the typical daily routine, such as when you are taking a shower. Feel each pellet of water connect with your skin. Adjust the temperature. Feel the difference. Smell the shampoo, the conditioner, the soap. Focus your attention on what is in that very moment. One of my favorite active meditations is focusing solely on the smell, taste, and texture of food.

  12. Par down your daily To-Do List. There are things we do everyday that are not necessary. Take them off your list. For example, 18 years ago when I became very ill with a thyroid-related illness, I was forced to stop making my bed. I have not made my bed since then. Also, the less stuff you own, the less there is to have to take care of. Get rid of what you don't need or use. Donate it and feel good that someone else who needs it is benefitting from your closet cleaning.

  13. Do not do for your children what they can do for themselves. Teach your children how to do things and expect them to do it. If their responsibilities are undone, let go of saving them from the consequences. Let them own what happens so that they may learn from the outcomes, and thereby become more confident and able to provide for themselves.

  14. Set aside time in your household for quiet, with each person choosing what they wish to do: drawing, coloring, painting, reading. Remember: while our children's friends and technology have an effect on their choices and habits, the greatest influence is what they see us doing on a regular basis. Since there is a 95% chance that what we model - what we actually do in our lives (instead of what we say) - will show up in our children's lives if not now, then later when they are older and have children of their own.

  15. Read. Instead of speed reading, absorb the material. If it's fiction, go on the journey with the characters. Lose yourself in the story. If it is nonfiction, instead of speed reading through it, pause and reflect. Underline. Highlight. Pause and meditate on what comes to you through your intuition.

  16. Pay attention to and engage with your pets free of distractions. Pets are Divine gifts in the form of companion animals. When we play and snuggle with our companions, and they look soulfully and lovingly into our eyes, we are touched by the love of the Divine in this present moment awareness and the natural healing abilities of our bodies are ignited.

  17. Pay attention to and engage with babies free of distractions. In so many ways, babies are still connected with the Divine, free of the burdens of language and a subconscious mind full of do's and don'ts. Joy and peace can be felt just by watching them sleep. Basking in their pureness yields a glimpse of the reward that awaits us when we carve out time in our days to nuture our personal connection with the Divine.

  18. Nature. Communing with nature can be the first and primary way certain people first feel their connection with the Divine. For some, when they merge with nature in appreciation and gratitude, a natural high of connection results. It is this state of communion that singer/song writer John Denver refers to in one of my favorite songs: Rocky Mountain High.

  19. Bathe in a warm bath. Relaxing in a tub of warm water serves to relax our bodies and calm tense muscles (I've found that adding Epsom salts with half a package of Aveeno colloidial oatmeal provides the ideal bath for me). When my children were younger and I needed a Mommy/Wife Timeout to recharge my batteries, this was a favorite go-to. (BTW: Other effective Mommy/Wife timeouts include: taking a walk or riding my bike solo, closing the bedroom door and collapsing face first onto my bed for about 15 minutes, and taking myself out to lunch with a good book). What are your favorites?

  20. Play inspiring music and dance freely as your body longs to. One of my favorites for many years now is Melissa Manchester's Through the Eyes of Love. What music inspires your body to merge with the Divine?

  21. Set two wake-up alarms. Sleep in if you can. This allows for a nature progression of the delta/theta sleep state brain wave patterns into a theta/alpha brain wave pattern, which is when connecting with the Divine and your intuition is at its most optimal point. On many days, my schedule does not allow for this, so I set two wake-up alarms 30 minutes apart. I turn off the first alarm with a practiced gesture that allows me to keep my eyes closed and commune with the Divine in that wonderful brain wave state. Sometimes, I fall back to sleep and that's okay, too.

Be Kind to Yourself

Like any muscle in the body, new habits require practice and with the standard methods, a lot of practice will be required. The most important thing is that you are kind to yourself while you are striving to bring new habits into your life. Speak kindly to yourself. Encourage yourself with kind thoughts such as, "This is harder than I thought it would be...I am proud of myself for my efforts." Reward yourself not based on the results, but instead on your efforts. Consider learning a modality that accelerates the learning curve or, if it is life-long habit such as an eating disorder, smoking, alcohol overuse, etc., consider attending groups designed to help, therapy, or sessions with someone who can provide services that include efficient subconscious mind self-limiting belief change.

Be patient with yourself and seek assistance from others if you want to accelerate the process. When people set out to change quickly with the battle cry of "I've decided I am going to start an exercise program!" or some other goal, they are often soon disappointed. Their thoughts hammer away, beating themselves up when their performance evaluations do not meet their expectations. This is an extremely common experience that is not due to a lack of effort. It is due to the plans originating in the enthusiastic, I've-got-this-all-figured-out conscious mind, which is certain that this time the plan will work because of the added amounts of determination and will power. Yet, we can all reflect back on years of aborted New Year's Resolutions and will power that can only take us so far for so long.

What most people are unaware of (unless they have watched Dr. Bruce Liption's videos) is that our conscious mind only controls about 5% of what we actually do in our daily lives. The other 95% of the time our thoughts, actions, and statements spring from the well of the subconscious mind, which actually is a akin to a supercomputer that operates at 40 million bits per second.

When the conscious mind, which operates at 40 bits per second goes up against the lightning fast 0 million bits per second subconscious mind, it does not stand a chance in the long run despite our best planned efforts. Thankfully, we live in an era where there are available options to facilitate change in the old baggage currently residing in our subconscious minds so that new habits may spring forth. Lasting change in the subconscious mind = the new experiences of life we hoping for.

I would love to hear what works best for you in your goal of connecting with the Divine and strengthening your intuition. Which ones do you do now? What tweaks have you made to the ones on the list that you have found to be benefical?

Please let us know by responding to this post so that we all may benefit from the wisdom and ideas you share...

In Divine Love and Light,


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